Finance (Global Bank): Mail Encryption and DLP Implementation Case Study



Industry: Global Bank (Fortune Global 500, Top 20 Global Bank)

Location: New York, USA




SYSCOM has worked with Bank X since 2002. As they grew, so did our partnership and we eventually became their main IT vendor. Currently, we provide a variety of solutions including virtualization, network and security upgrades, and VoIP PBX systems.




Mail Encryption and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) 




As cyberattacks on financial institutions grow, banks have been forced to meet new compliance requirements from the OCC. Among those for Bank X was Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Since the solution could not be cloud-based, we had to find a way to make it work on-site.




SYSCOM helped Bank X deploy an in-house virtual appliance (as an email encryption gateway) so critical emails with sensitive bank information would be encrypted before leaving the office. On the other end, employees had to sign onto the same platform to have their email decrypted and downloaded. ​
To monitor Bank X’s internet traffic, we deployed and enabled DLP at customer firewalls. A set of monitoring rules scanned all outbound traffic leaving the office and if any of it matched with the rules for SS or credit card #, the firewall could either block the traffic or keep logs and alert the admin.




Improved work efficiency by creating a system where scanned inventory data is sent automatically to the Inventory Management System, by migrating only the necessary system to the cloud.

We provided the best solutions to meet Bank X’s new requirements regarding product selection, pricing, and availability. In addition, we offered a turnkey solution and implemented it with speed and professionalism.




They were satisfied with our solutions, and as a result, gave us more cybersecurity-related projects.