Finance (Asset Management): EDR & MDR Solution Case Study



Industry: Finance (Asset Management)

Location: New York, USA




One of Japan’s largest insurance companies issued a global security policy to their 40+ worldwide operations. It had become necessary to implement a policy tailored to the environment and scale of each individual country. Their U.S. operations, which had been a SYSCOM client for over 10 years, also needed to implement various security solutions to comply with the policy. We saw the opportunity to expand our support from IT infrastructure to security.




Endpoint Security Services (NGAV & EDR) 

Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) 





Though our client had a conventional anti-virus solution in place, they had not implemented internal countermeasures in the event of a cyber-attack or virus infection. As EDR was one of the high priorities in the company’s global security policy, the implementation of an EDR solution became necessary.




SYSCOM implemented an EDR solution from CrowdStrike as we are their official reseller and MSSP in the U.S.* In addition, due to the small size of the office, the company didn’t have a Security Operation Center (SOC) or incident handling unit to manage the alerts detected by the EDR, nor did it have a resource provided by their Japanese headquarters. Therefore, the company decided to implement SYSCOM’s MDR service, which provides services ranging from detection to analysis and isolation.

Currently, CrowdStrike’s EDR provides 24×7 monitoring, while SYSCOM’s SOC (Security Operation Center) and incident handling team monitor and respond quickly to any problems. We also implemented MDR (internal countermeasures) to minimize damage in the event of a cyber-attack or virus infection.




Why did you choose SYSCOM? 

We have been working with SYSCOM for more than 10 years and they understand our business. Since this project is to strengthen security within AWS and SYSCOM is the one who has been in charge of migrating our IT infrastructure to AWS, we felt extremely confident and comfortable in assigning SYSCOM for this project.


Are you happy with the results? 

As we have not had any major problems since the implementation of the solution, we are very happy with the solution that was provided to us. Overall, we are grateful to SYSCOM for finding a solution that was cost-effective and most suited for our company size and business.


What are your future plans? 

Due to the nature of our business, we are obligated to have a 24/7 system in place to prevent the leakage of confidential customer information. And with all the new ways we access the network from outside the office, we want to partner with SYSCOM again to build a system that allows remote access while ensuring security.