Logistics: Global ERP Implementation



Industry: Logistics

Location: Global 55 Countries




Microsoft Dynamics 365 Global Implementaiton

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM




More than 150 groups companies were each using different systems prior to project. To optimize management on global level, to improve business operation, and to better visualize the financial conditions, customer decided to utilize Microsoft’s cloud solution to centralize group companies’ systems into one core system.




Meeting local financial regulations

Standardizing not only the template but the implementation methodology to cover multiple entities and countries with limited time

Resource allocation of consultants and key users

Communication: English is the project’s standard language but communication in the local language was required at some countries




By linking the existing cargo system with Dynamics 365, we created a global template using the standard functions of Dynamics 365 to visualize management indicator and to simplify consolidated financial statements. By standardizing Chart of Accounts and financial reporting globally, customer achieved to reduce manual work and improve efficiency on the accounting operation. customer also made each countries’ accounting operation compliant with local government requirements.