Manufacturing: Migrating Inventory Management System to the Cloud



Industry: Manufacturing (Automobile Parts)

Location: Factories in the U.S. and Headquarter in Japan




• Migration and the consolidation of the Inventory
• Management System used in all of the factories to achieve central management




• Optimization of inventory control
• Secure access




With today’s technology, businesses can deploy consolidated servers in a remote location or on the cloud, which eliminates the need for the deployment of separate systems per office locations. During this project, we migrated and consolidated the Inventory Management System to the Data Center, and it was setup so that each factory can send the inventory data automatically to the Data Center using wireless scanners. SSL-VPN connection was also established for remote access from the Headquarter office to the Inventory Management System at the Data Center.



Improved work efficiency by creating a system where scanned inventory data is sent automatically to the Inventory Management System, by migrating only the necessary system to the cloud.

By introducing the secure remote access from the headquarter office, it enabled the administrator of the HQ office to access the accounting data of all factories and offices. Also, it enabled HQ office to be able to manage and monitor the operation of the new factory and new office.

By having the Inventory Management System on a remote location, it eliminated the need for each of the factories and offices to have local Inventory Management Server as well as local backup. (Cost reduction)

With SSL-VPN, it became possible to monitor inventory data from the HQ office in real time.