Kokusai Soko America : Centralized IT Help Desk Services Case Study



Industry: Freight Forwarder

Location: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago (USA)




For the past 20 years, SYSCOM has managed the overall IT network for the US subsidiary of Kokusai Soko, an expert in international logistics support services. In addition to the US headquarters in Los Angeles, the company has sales offices in New York and Chicago, each with a different IT environment and range of IT-related challenges. In this case, the complex nature of handling cargo entrusted by customers and how crucial it is to provide timely support in the event of a system failure linked to customs clearance in the US.




IT Help Desk Services  ​




In addition to providing PC and user support, the company needed a solution to unify the IT environment of each sales office, centrally manage issues, and provide business continuity planning. They also needed a quick response to issues associated with the core business system of each office and then have the findings documented.




By centralizing the point of contact in the event of a failure and managing the network redundantly, we were able to reduce the business risk caused by prolonged network problems and expedite the response. We also provided timely support for emergency support requests such as system failures.




Reason why SYSCOM was chosen:
SYSCOM was able to provide support in both Japanese and English for increasingly complex system-related issues and terminology, especially in recent years.

Thoughts on SYSCOM’s services:
“We are grateful for the attentive service provided by your company, and for our company management, it is very reassuring and comforting to know that there is a contact person we can always consult on IT-related issues.”




Address: 1521 Francisco Street, Unit A, Torrance, CA 90501

With changes in the industrial structure, internationalization, and advances in information technology, the international logistics demand has been increasingly sophisticated and diversified. As an overseas base for international intermodal transportation of land, sea, air, and import and export cargo, KOKUSAI SOKO AMERICA provides high-quality services by establishing a comprehensive system to respond to all logistics needs.