Manufacturing (Chemical): Microsoft Power Platform Case Study



Industry: Manufacturing (Chemical)

Location: California, USA




Our client is a global manufacturer and supplier of synthetic resin who are celebrating their 70th anniversary in 19 countries around the world. SYSCOM has provided overall IT support to the client over the last 4 years, ever since we built the office network and infrastructure of their new sales office in the U.S. ​

While setting up a help desk and building a file management system in the cloud, we helped develop an order management system to centralize information among related departments, reduce document creation time, and eliminate cooperation mistakes.




Microsoft Power Platform




When a rework occurred due to input errors of a document, confirmation was done on an email basis. Consequently, the process took a long time, especially when the person in charge was absent. Since the order management system using Power Automate developed at the Japanese headquarters was effective in saving time and preventing mistakes, we received a development request of a similar system in the United States.​

Since the client already had Microsoft 365 E5 license, We helped them create 7 flows required in business such as approval of new customers, approval of expenses and costs, an order shipping management system utilizing Power Automate and Power Apps.




By centrally managing information, arrangement mistakes and rework have been resolved. The automation of the status management system and the approval flow has reduced the time and effort required for email communication and reduced human errors. Furthermore, approval flow is now possible within Teams, enabling more timely communication on a chat basis.




Our client valued our application development expertise along with our Japanese and English bilingual support. Since their managers are mostly ex-pats from Japan and other employees are local staff, they found it essential to have bilingual engineers who were able to explain IT terminology. In addition, SYSCOM helped with IT-related troubleshooting, supported the construction of new systems and the creation of applications, and provided general IT support.