Relo Redac, Inc. : Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Implementation Case Study



Industry: Real Estate Services

Location: New York, USA




Redac is a full-service Japanese relocation and real estate company based in NYC with 13 different locations in USA. Due to the closure of their West Coast data center, the company had to migrate their Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and East Coast Disaster Recovery sites.

Based on the continued partnership between Redac and SYSCOM for the past 10 years, SYSCOM suggested implementing Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop as there were some advantages for Redac.




Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)




Redac had considered implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but VDI with on-premise hardware was not cost-effective at the time. However, when we compared other Desktop as a Service (DaaS) services, we found Microsoft AVD to be the best virtual desktop in the Windows 10 environment. There were several key advantages. Redac’s existing Microsoft 365 licenses could be utilized. There would be enhanced security for corporate data which would prevent information leaks for remote users. And because it was highly scalable, the new environment could be optimized to keep up with company growth.




Redac’s infrastructure was modernized from a Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS) environment to the new Azure subscription-based virtual desktop environment. By eliminating the client VPN for working remotely, we helped improve the ease of connection and enhanced security with multi-factor authentication. Telecommuters and remote workers were able to connect to the same desktop environment regardless of their location and they were able to harness Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session connectivity. By eliminating the need for Windows Server as the OS, application compatibility was vastly improved. Users experienced a smooth transition because they were already familiar with the Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 environments. And since the system was fully developed at the time of implementation, the environment was stable and effective after the Go Live. Finally, by using PaaS (such as Azure Files) together with AVD services, we were able to reduce the number of servers needing management.  



Relo Redac, Inc. 
Address: 1010 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018 USA

Relo Redac, Inc.(aka REDAC) is a full-service real estate firm based in New York City, and is the only Japanese relocation and real estate company providing services throughout the U.S. REDAC was founded in 1986, and later became part of Relo Group, Inc., a first-section Tokyo Stock Exchange Listed firm.