MUJI U.S.A. & Canada : Reconstruction of the IT Infrastructure Case Study

Case Study Details






The group, which has more than 1,000 stores in 31 countries and regions including Japan, was looking for a global partner that could contribute to strengthening IT governance, improving maintenance support efficiency, and enhancing security while collaborating between Japan and North America.

SYSCOM, which has been supporting MUJI’s IT infrastructure for more than 10 years since they entered the U.S., reviewed IT infrastructure support for 30 stores in North America in collaboration with Japanese partners to comply with the MUJI’s global IT policy at its headquarters and stores. As part of the reconstruction project of the IT infrastructure, SYSCOM introduced an SD-WAN network solution.

Implemented Service:
Managed SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki

Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki provides branches with 20x more bandwidth and 4G backup 20% savings on WAN after replacing costly MPLS with broadband and fiber Drove 40% cost savings across 42 financial services sites.

Issues Prior to Implementation

As the opening of new stores accelerated, each store did not have unified IT equipment, so the risk of stopping store operations due to prolonged network troubles and increasing cost of operation and maintenance became an issue. In particular, it became necessary to reduce the risk of store operations being shut down and improve the efficiency of maintenance operations by unified equipment and centralized management over SD-WAN, such as redundancy of ISPs and VPN connections at each site.

In the actual implementation, the project was carried out while keeping in mind the precautions unique to the retail industry, such as avoiding store opening hours and establishing a system to work while stores are closed.

The Results



More than 30 stores in North America experienced more stabilized store operations by faster response time for equipment failures and Internet issues.



Inventory management of 200+ network devices in all stores has been improved through the centralized management of devices and licenses/manufacture warranty.



Network equipment failures have been reduced by 30% by unifying and making redundant equipment in all stores.

I’m grateful to SYSCOM for looking at things from our perspective and determining the best solution.

Maiko Tanaka

MUJI USA IT Systems Senior Manager

Feedback From Our Client

Since the opening of MUJI USA’s first store in 2007, we use SYSCOM for everything, including our POS system, account system, network construction, etc. As a general contractor for systems, SYSCOM has handled a wide range of IT support, from the introduction of new systems to arranging equipment such as PCs.

The project involved the infrastructure and support of all offices and stores, so it made sense to trust it to SYSCOM. Not only would it minimize the burden on MUJI, but SYSCOM has provided comprehensive support for over 10 years.

As we worked on the project, I realized SYSCOM was good for us. I’m grateful to SYSCOM for looking at things from our perspective and determining the best solution. I also appreciate their industry expertise and how they come up with fresh ideas.

Client Profile

MUJI was born in 1980. The start was to create a simple and pleasant low-cost product by thoroughly streamlining the production process. Specifically, we look at products through “selection of materials”, “inspection of processes”, and “simplification of packaging”. MUJI currently has more than 1,000 stores worldwide, and more than 7,000 items, including clothing, household goods, food, and homes.


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