General Trading: Managed Network Service Case Study



Industry: General Trading

Location: North America & South America




The client has been expanding the business in a variety of countries and regions as a general trading company over 150 years. It currently has 400 consolidated companies.​

The American company of the group has been developing a wide range of businesses and has branch offices from North American to South America.​

High cost of MPLS lines in North American and South America and unstable MPLS lines in South America had been the problems and Syscom which has been building a firm relationship over 20 years proposed to implement SD-WAN and it was accepted.




Managed Network Service(VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud)





– High cost of MPLS lines

​- Unstable MPLS lines in South America

– Increase of traffic by centralized in a data center




– Significant cost reduction by introducing dual Internet lines and SD-WAN edge(VeloCloud Edge) instead of MPLS​

– Improvement of reliability by utilizing dual Internet lines and optimizing network paths with VeloCloud Edge in each office​

– Implement of traffic priority settings and bandwidth control by flexible QoS control​

– Accomplishment of avoiding increasing traffic to the data center and speeding up the Internet by local breakouts for applications suitable for the Cloud ​

– Comprehension for the status by visualizing application traffic​

– Mitigating maintenance workload by centrally managing each VeloCloud Edge from VeloCloud Orchestrator on the Cloud.​

– Bandwidth expansion/Performance improvement​

– Ensuring the quality of voice connections