Services to Solve the Challenges of Global Project Management

Due to the increasing globalization of the business world, more companies are considering global ERP rollouts. Cloud-based ERP systems have risen to prominence because they allow for easier integration of business applications between Japanese headquarters and their overseas branch locations. This facilitates quicker decisions across the company that strengthen your competitiveness on the global market.

While overseas ERP system deployment gets easier to perform every year, you still have to overcome a few project management challenges.

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PMO Challenge #1

The small number of bilingual consultants for administrative operations

When multiple languages are required for project communication it can dramatically increase the time and man-hours required for administrative operations. What’s more, more companies today are requesting to have the universal language for their project be their own local language.

We offer translation services for languages beyond just Japanese and English. Our services include translating meetings and emails along with of each country’s ledgers and manuals.

PMO Challenge #2

The lack of experience with ERP Project Management

In-house PMs often have their time divided between multiple projects. This can leave them with very little time to implement a new system. Our Project Managers for ERP systems (such as Dynamics 365) have a firm grasp of each department business processes, and their communication skills help them lead key people within those departments.

Our PMs are experienced in ERP implementation, and can provide support from our customers’ perspective.

PMO Challenge #3

The Lack of Dynamics-Certified Engineers

For both system implementations and upgrades the user-side responsibilities increase during the 2nd half of the project. Test scenarios, test data, user-acceptance testing and data migration are all critical user-side tasks that have a direct impact on the project schedule. Depending on the size of the project, a delay of even a month could cause additional expenses for multiple parties.

Our Dynamics 365-certified professionals can support you through the last parts of the project with a deep understanding of your business processes, Dynamics 365 (both standard and customized features), and the data and formatting required for migration. (Functional consultant, technical consultant)

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