Unleash the Future of Work with Microsoft 365 Copilot – Available on November 1st


In a world where technology continuously reshapes the way we work, Microsoft 365 Copilot emerges as a game-changing innovation that transcends the ordinary. This revolutionary tool, set to become available on November 1st, not only integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Microsoft 365 but also serves as a dynamic processing and orchestration engine. Copilot seamlessly blends the immense potential of large language models (LLMs) with the vast landscape of Microsoft 365 applications, all while harnessing the rich tapestry of your business data within Microsoft Graph, a platform connecting services and devices through the power of natural language.

From Word to Excel, Outlook to PowerPoint, Copilot is poised to redefine the way you work within the Microsoft 365 suite. Let’s dive into the incredible capabilities of Copilot across different applications, all of which will be at your fingertips starting November 1st.

Copilot in Microsoft Word: Elevating Your Creativity
Microsoft Word, a staple in the world of text, is about to become more dynamic than ever. Copilot’s presence in Word opens the doors to a multitude of creative and productive possibilities:

・Getting Started with a New Document: Overcoming the daunting blank page is a breeze with Copilot. Click the “Copilot” button and select “Jumpstart a new document.” Choose a subject from the list, and Copilot will assist you in accelerating the document drafting process.

・Chat with Copilot: Copilot is your go-to partner for finding additional details or inspiration. Click “Chat with Copilot,” and let the conversation flow. Ask your questions, and Copilot will provide answers and insights.

・Generate a Summary: Copilot can condense your document into a concise, reader-friendly format. Click “Generate a summary,” and watch as Copilot transforms lengthy content into a manageable overview.

・Real-time Editing: Copilot integrates seamlessly into your document. As you work, it offers real-time suggestions, enhancing your content with a single click.

Copilot in Excel: Your Data Analysis Companion
For data enthusiasts, Microsoft Excel is the go-to tool, and Copilot elevates data analysis to new heights:

・Formula Column Suggestions: Complex calculations are simplified with Copilot. Select a column, click “Add Column,” and choose from a list of formula suggestions provided by Copilot.

・Data Analysis: Interact with your data in plain language. Ask Copilot questions like “What is the average sales revenue for this quarter?” and receive conversational answers.

・Data Visualization: Copilot makes it easy to create compelling visual representations of your data. Generate charts and PivotTables effortlessly to make data more comprehensible.

・Python Support: For those comfortable with Python, Copilot can generate Python code for data analysis. Describe your analysis in natural language, and Copilot will provide the corresponding Python code.

Copilot in Outlook: Streamlining Email Communication
Efficient email management is crucial for productivity, and Copilot simplifies your email experience in Outlook:

・Email Summarization: Copilot streamlines long email threads. Click “Copilot” in Outlook, select “Generate a summary,” and Copilot provides a concise overview of the conversation.

・Suggested Replies: Copilot becomes your real-time email co-writer. Open an email, click “Copilot,” select “Suggested replies,” and choose an appropriate response from the suggestions.

・Content Generation: Need content for emails? Copilot has you covered. Open an email, click “Copilot,” select “Generate content,” and choose from a list of suggestions.

Copilot in PowerPoint: Crafting Stunning Presentations
PowerPoint, the go-to platform for presentations, is about to get a makeover:

・Creating a Presentation Outline: Start by creating an outline in OneNote, then use Copilot to generate a draft. Review and edit in OneNote before transferring it to PowerPoint.

・Adding Slides: Instruct Copilot to add slides with your desired topics, using natural language commands. It’s effortless and swift.

・Creating Custom Images: Copilot takes creativity to the next level, generating custom images based on your natural language descriptions. Additionally, Copilot integrates OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator to enhance your presentations.

Copilot in Teams: Elevating Meeting Efficiency
Meetings are made more efficient with Copilot in Teams. Here’s how: 

・Meeting Summaries: When you can’t attend, Copilot follows the meeting, creating a summary with shared content, notes, and action items. It’s sent as a Teams notification. 

・Real-time Insights: During meetings, Copilot captures key discussion points, identifies speakers, and suggests actions on the spot. 

・Chat Synthesis: Copilot can synthesize important information from Teams chat threads, helping you catch up, organize discussions, and summarize relevant content. 

Microsoft 365 Copilot promises to be a transformative addition to your daily workflow. Starting November 1st, you’ll have a trusted partner, Copilot, which enhances your productivity, creativity, and communication. Experience the future of work with Copilot and embrace a new era of productivity and creativity.

Customers with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard and Business Premium plans can add the Copilot license.

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