Our New User Activity Monitoring (UAM) Solution with ActivTrak

Remote work

August 2020 – With the increasingly standardized work from home (WFH) environment it is time for the management side to take a quick and decisive action into a discussion on how to better manage and monitor WFH users.
By partnering with ActivTrak we are now able to provide UAM solutions to our customers with user management and monitoring demands.

-Core Value-
Realtime Activity Tracking
Block Websites
Activity Base Alarm Notification (Websites, USB, File Transfer)
Productivity Evaluation
Intuitive GUI (User Friendly Dashboard)

-What you can achieve-
Drive Productivity
Evaluation of Productivity and Process
Restrain and Block Unproductive Work
Timesheet Free
Reduced time to manage WFH workers

ActivTrak Official Website

-Pricing and Inquires-
Email: sales@syscomusa.com
Phone: 212-797-9131