24/7 monitoring system to detect and respond to unauthorized activities and attacks

SOC stands for Security Operation Center, meaning that our SOC team monitors various monitoring systems, from network devices and servers to user PCs. The SOC team will handle incidents whenever they receive alerts to minimize the impact and recover the system as soon as possible. At SYSCOM, our SOC team monitors SIEM and EDR/MDR services and handles from incident response to incident handling 24/7.

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Reasons to Consider SOC Service

Covering all aspects of the incident response cycle from beginning to end
SOC service covers Incident Response Cycle from preparation, detection, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery, and post-recovery activity.

Receiving alerts from multiple systems
The SOC team receives alerts from various systems and handles the incident response to incident handling with your managers/IT managers.

24/7 Monitoring and Analysis
Without properly managing and adopting a complete defense cycle, your SOC service or other security tools could actually hurt your business financially, while not improving cyber-defense. Our 24/7 SOC service provides a far-reaching security posture ensuring your assets and data have multiple layers of protection.

As a part of managed SOC services, each month or quarter, we provide a detailed report containing all relevant information about your ongoing threat monitoring service. It starts with a high-level assessment of your security posture all the way down to a detailed analysis of every facet of your chosen services. The information is presented as trends over four months so you can track your organization’s performance from various angles, including the number of incidents, time-to-resolution of incidents, and the overall number of vulnerabilities.

Benefits of SOC Service

  • Because monitoring 24/7 requires a large scaled system and man powers, small to mid-size companies can outsource the SOC to the vendor.
  • Because the computer virus and ransomware may spread to all devices in the corporate network, it is best to take appropriate measures as soon as it’s detected.

Recommended for

  • Companies who would like to monitor 24/7 but do not have enough resources.
  • It’s good for companies who are interested in or plan to integrate SOC services and start with one of the monitoring services.

Benefits You’ll See
After Implementation

  • The best monitoring systems of EDR and SIEM will block most computer viruses and ransomware.
  • The SIEM monitoring system will also monitor external threats, such as firewall hacking. With EDR, SOC will monitor and detect both internal and external suspicious activities and threats.

Implementation Process

Average Process (The timeline varies depending on the monitoring service and the number of devices)

First Month: Define System Req, System Design

Second Month: Configuration, Test

Frequently Asked Questions

A The SYSCOM’s SOC service comes with our monitoring solutions like SIEM and EDR. Please contact us for more details.

When you implement EDR/MDR service from SYSCOM, it will block most of the Ransomware. Even in the case when your computer is infected by Ransomware in your environment, the SOC team will mitigate the risk and minimize the impact.

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