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Cyber-attacks and ransomware are being identified every year in countries all over the world. It has become more important than ever for companies to take prompt, appropriate, and continuous security measures. The new system will enable companies to move away from answering Q&A tables (e.g. EXCEL) manually to more seamless and digital audit reports. ICS/OT risk management can be performed on a centralized platform, visualizing the process from initial cyber assessment to long-term improvement and providing prioritized recommendations.

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Reasons to Consider OT Security Assessment

Apps and Browser Supported

Dashboard Visualization

Built-in Framework

Scoring/ Rating

Digitized process over manual process

Benefits of OT Security Assessment

  • Increasing Efficiency

    Eliminate traditional manual procedures and automate the assessment process to increase efficiency.
  • Enhancing OT/IoT Compliance

    Improve compliance and maturity scores by combining all OT/IoT risk management tasks into one.
  • Streamlining Cybersecurity

    Simplify cybersecurity across internal and external ecosystems.

Recommended for

  • Critical infrastructure providers and manufacturers

    Critical infrastructure providers and manufacturers who need a platform that allows management on a single screen, instead of the EXCEL work that takes time. Self-checking is available with result reports in line with factory system security guidelines.
  • Company seeking for efficiency-focused platform

    A company who wants to create a platform to increase efficiency. Dashboards can be used to explain the need for risk to teams or executives and enable comparisons of risks across facilities. Communicate visually with executives and help determine where budgets and time should be focused across processes and technology.

Benefits You’ll See
After Implementation

  • Accurate audit reporting and risk management

  • About 57% reduction in work time

    Reduced costs associated with security assessments, as well as a significant reduction in work time (approximately -57%)
  • Streamlined OT/IoT risk management & automated prioritization

    By combining all OT/IoT risk management tasks into one, it is much easier to comply and improve maturity scores. After assessment, it can be automatically prioritized based on the severity of the risk.

Implementation Process

Average Process from selecting a site to reporting. Usually, it takes from 1 to 3month, depending on the size of the facility.

Select a site

Choose a Framework

Assign people, department, vendor

Access restriction/ Setting

Status reminder sent as notifications from dashboard

Answer and notify from Web, iOS App, Android App


Report (Choose from dozens of report templates)

Frequently Asked Questions

From 1 to 3month. (It depends on how big facility is.)

Available from $5000 per location (One year). Assessments can be done any number of times per year.

Easily create reports in a form consistent with cybersecurity and compliance, and centrally manage workflows and validation artifacts that need to be remediated.

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