SYSCOM Code Upgrade Optimizer

An effective Code Optimizer to fill the gap between AX & D365

Upgrading from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 is not always a straightforward and automatic process. For that reason, we have developed the SYSCOM Code Upgrade Optimizer, which incorporates our experience in Dynamics to further increase the amount of code that can be upgraded automatically.

Process & Analysis

Upgrade Analysis Assessment

Confirm AX 2012 data targeted for clean-up

Confirm functions eliminated in Dynamics 365 FO​

Optimize SQL configurations​

Code Upgrade Optimizer

Resolve any code conflict issues (record any other issues in DevOps)​

Create Dynamics 365 code-version (managed as a new branch in DevOps)

Data Upgrade

Provide local data for custom upgrades to developers​

Reduce total time for repeated data-upgrade procedures​:

  • Continuous debugging can be done in  the development environment (Tier 1 DEV), allowing for immediate code-modifications or upgrades in a matter of minutes when issues occur​
  • Debugging, code-fixes and upgrades  take more time (at least a few hours) in the sandbox environment (Tier 2  and above)