Cloud PBX Service and UCaaS
(Unified Communication as a Service)

As work styles change, using the phone system as cloud-based (mobile / distributed) and Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and allows you to use your office phone from multiple locations and devices.

Features of UCaaS
(Unified Communication as a Service)

As work styles evolve, traditional office telephone functions are becoming unnecessary. Your business needs a flexible and simplified communication solution. That’s why we provide Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) cloud telephone solution of Ring Central and Intermediate. It has the largest market share and it is designed for today’s flexible work styles.

Cost reduction

Since the phone system is managed in the cloud, there is no need to install a PBX in the office and therefore the initial cost is reduced. Additionally, the license is purchased only for the users who actually use the system, so your business can operate at a lower cost.

Simplified operation

Since you can easily add or change users, plus make daily settings (such as voice messages from the portal site), there is no need for complicated on-site handling. This occurs every time the settings are changed, operation is simplified, and operating costs are reduced.

Work style transformation / collaboration

You can make office phone calls on multiple devices such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, and from anywhere in the world. In addition to telephone functions, web conferencing and video conferencing can also be implemented on an integrated platform.

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