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Cloud is essential for the success of your digital strategies and IT operations today. It drives your digital transformation needs, optimizes cost, streamlines your IT operations, and reduces the risk of losing business continuity. The benefit of cloud solutions is limitless.

From hybrid to multi cloud, a complex cloud infrastructure can be difficult for any business to properly handle and manage. When we provide Hybrid and Multi cloud solutions, we make sure that our cloud experts simplify and optimize complex environments so our customers can focus on business strategies instead of managing the unmanageable.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud refers to a cloud computing platform that connects 2 or more environments made up of on-premise infrastructure, public cloud and private cloud. Each environment has its cons and pros, so Hybrid cloud provides the flexibility to respond to challenges that a single environment can’t handle or manage. Hybrid cloud also provides more deployment options for business needs. It is considered a single infrastructure with connecting multiple infrastructure environments.


On-premise infrastructure:


Private cloud (Clavis):

Third Party (SYSCOM)

Public cloud:

Amazon, Microsoft

What is Multi Cloud?

Multi cloud refers to the use of more than 2 cloud computing providers such as public clouds and private clouds. With a multi-cloud environment businesses can avoid the dependency on single cloud provider, such as what happens with a vendor-lock in, for or instance.

Hybrid cloud can be multi cloud, but not vice versa. While Hybrid Cloud is a way to integrate multiple environments including on-premise, private and public cloud, Multi Cloud does not necessarily require interconnection or integration between clouds. In a multi cloud environment each cloud provider or service can be served independently for unique purposes.

Private Cloud By Clavis

Microsoft 365

Private Cloud By Clavis

Microsoft 365





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