Manage customer information and sales activities to promote data-driven sales activities.

Dynamics 365 Sales is a business support application provided for sales representatives. Sales representatives can build strong relationships with customers, take action based on insights, and close deals in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, it helps track customer accounts and contacts, support progress from lead to order, and create sales promotion materials. If needed, it also creates marketing lists or campaigns, and track service cases associated with specific customer accounts or sales cases within the application.

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Reasons to consider Dynamics 365 Sales

Insight-driven sales promotion
You can utilize AI automation, context-based analytical insights, and team collaboration capabilities to enhance the sales team’s ability and promote sales.

Highly customizable customer management
In addition to the basic function of Lead/Opportunity management as SFA, Dynamics 365 Sales efficiently manages customers by managing sales stages that fit the organization’s business model.

Sales activity support utilizing AI
Dynamics 365 Sales prioritizes high-potential activities such as those likely to result in successful deals, suggest the best next actions to take, and streamline the sales cycle using AI-powered recommendations.

Reliable pipeline management and forecasting
You can manage the sales funnel comprehensively and identify areas of focus by predicting revenue fluctuations in real-time.

Improvement of customer calls through feedback
D365 Sales provides sales representatives with optimal improvement suggestions by instantly obtaining insights such as customer emotions, competitive markets, impressions, and priorities through customer calls feedback.

Benefits of Implementing
Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Optimal sales support based on information

    By utilizing AI for automatic collection and analysis of customer information, appropriate feedback can be provided to the sales team, enabling more effective and efficient sales activities.
  • Better business decision-making through advanced analytics

    It is possible to extract data from multiple aspects and analyze it in a comprehensive way. By using Microsoft Power BI, you can always synchronize with the latest data, create easy-to-read dashboards, and visualize various management data.
  • Seamless integration and expansion

    Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has a flexible extensibility that allows you to add and integrate other Dynamics 365 applications such as ERP or CRM to meet your changing business needs or company growth.

    In addition, using Microsoft Power Platform tools such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agent, and Power Page, along with Dataverse (Common Data Service), you can further enhance and extend Dynamics 365 solutions for greater usability.

    Because it is a cloud-based solution, you can always use the latest version and build applications that are optimal for your business processes by utilizing accumulated data.

  • Microsoft's trusted security

    Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is designed to comply with Microsoft’s high security standards and incorporates the latest security features to protect confidential information. It also meets regulatory requirements related to compliance, ensuring high reliability.

Recommended for

  • Sales representatives aiming to expand sales revenue

    By utilizing Dynamics 365 Sales, sales representatives can develop strategies based on automated predictions and insights to aim for an expansion of revenue.
  • Sales representatives who want to focus on lead generation and customer retention.

    By utilizing Dynamics 365 Sales, sales representatives can automatically collect customer information and follow up at the appropriate times.
  • Sales representative who want to improve customer engagement

    By utilizing Dynamics 365 Sales, sales representatives can analyze customers’ purchase history and preferences to make more personalized proposals. Additionally, there are automatic task reminders and notification functions to enhance communication with customers.
  • Sales manager aiming to optimize the sales process

    By leveraging the tasks and reporting automated by Dynamics 365 Sales, sales managers can improve the productivity of their sales teams. Additionally, by providing improvement measures based on AI analysis and insights, sales processes can be optimized, and the overall performance of the team can be enhanced.

Benefits You’ll See
After Implementation

  • Improved conversion rate of business negotiations

    By centralizing customer information, you can enhance customer relationships and improve the conversion rate of business negotiations. Additionally, automating the sales process enables the optimization of sales activities.
  • Building trust with customers

    Dynamics 365 Sales enables tailored proposals that meet the needs of customers and helps establish a trusting relationship with them. Furthermore, by sharing customer information, all sales representatives can have a comprehensive understanding of the customers, thus improving the quality of communication.
  • More productive sales activities and strategic decisions

    Automating the manual data management tasks allows sales representatives to focus on more productive activities. Moreover, visualizing the data empowers sales representatives to make more strategic decisions.
  • The system can serve as a manual even if there is a high turnover of employees

    The system can serve as a manual even if there is a high turnover of employees. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure of a worker is 4.1 years. Additionally, the system has a function that alerts users of errors if necessary information is not entered, so even with frequent turnover of personnel, the system can act as a replacement for a manual.

Implementation Process

We will implement Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using the Success by Design adoption methodology advocated by Microsoft.

Initiate: Understanding customer’s business challenges and requirements through consultation and discussion.

Implement: System design and proposal, as well as system construction and customization.

Prepare: Testing, training, and system introduction.

Operate: Operations and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamics 365 Sales does not have any restrictions on license purchases, so you can use it even with just one user. For more information on licensing, please contact us.

Yes, we provide support after the implementation. We offer a range of operational support services, including daily Q&A, troubleshooting, and adding or changing settings required for business changes or new requirements.

Dynamics 365 Sales has functions such as sales management, quote and invoice management, customer management, budget management, analysis and reporting.

Yes, it is possible. Dynamics 365 Sales can easily integrate with other Microsoft products and also provides APIs, making it easy to integrate with external systems.

It depends on the scale of implementation and customization requirements. Also, the implementation period varies depending on the scale and requirements, but it generally takes around 3 to 6 months. Contact us for more details.

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