Use Microsoft Power Platform To Help Data Utilization For Business Expansion

Business success today depends largely on how well a corporation can utilize the massive amounts of data that are created daily. Microsoft Power Platform provides the ability to quickly and easily utilize data that is created from various business applications such as ERP and CRM.

You can develop applications with Power Apps, create business websites with Power Pages, integrate various data with Power Automate, and analyze data with Power BI to promote smart business utilization of data. Microsoft’s No Code/Low Code* platform enables fast development, and its sophisticated application development functionality can increase productivity and add flexibility to meet unique business needs.

At SYSCOM, as a Microsoft Solution Partner, we support data collection, analysis, prediction, and the development of new applications using the Microsoft Power Platform.

Copilot for Power Platform

Copilot enhances the Power Platform capabilities by enabling natural language conversation for app development, automating workflows, and providing AI-generated content for websites and data analysis. With Copilot, anyone can generate workflows using only natural language prompts in Power Automate, create apps in seconds in Power Apps, build professional websites with Power Pages and enhance the capabilities of data analysis and visualization – without knowing how to write code.

Introducing Microsoft Power Platform Tools

Power BI: Data analysis tool

What is Power BI?
Power BI is a business analysis tool that transforms company data into rich data visualizations and provides advanced forecasts, insight, advice and more. Stakeholder’s can monitor important data from across the organization at any time. They can also use Power BI to transform, analyze, and visualize data to create interactive reports in seconds. With Power BI, companies have a better perspective on their operations and performance, which can help them make more informed decisions based on real data.

Power BI + Copilot
Copilot for Power BI is a generative AI feature that helps create reports and summaries more efficiently.
・Streamline report creation by automatically generating narrative visuals and summaries.
・Simplify report development by understanding natural language instructions to generate visuals and insights.
・Extract valuable insights from the data, enhancing the data analytics experience.

Power BI + Dynamics 365
Linking Power BI with Dynamics 365 allows for business data from everything from input sales to inventory to be analyzed and visualized in real time in reports with graphs and tables.

Power BI + Other Services
In addition to Microsoft services, Power BI is directly linked to several hundred of on-premise and cloud data sources such as Salesforce, Excel, and Azure SQL. This helps it productively utilize all forms of data that your corporation possesses.

Power Apps: Application development tool for end users

What is Power Apps?
Power Apps is a tool that can develop systems with No Code/Low Code. It can be used on the web, smart phones, and tablets. Power Apps’ operation screen is similar to PowerPoint and Excel, so users can develop a system while using a tool with a familiar interface. Users can independently develop a system, which makes it possible to quickly realize the ideas your employees have for resolving business issues.

Power Apps + Copilot
Copilot for Power Apps makes it possible to build an app even easier with its generative AI features.
・Build apps through natural language conversation.
・Automatically generate summaries of records in model-driven apps.
・Enhance user experiences with conversational interactions.

Power Apps + Power Apps Portal
External users who do not have a Microsoft license can always register and log into the Power Apps Portal to view data in real time. Also, by linking to Power Automate, you can automate the notification of results and journal output after receiving applications and orders from external users using the Power Apps Portal.

Power Pages: Easily create business websites with low-code.

What is Power Pages?
Power Pages is a low-code solution that enables the safe and scalable construction of business websites. It allows users outside the organization to sign in and view data stored in Dataverse, enabling the creation of external websites containing important data without security concerns.

Power Pages + Copilot
Copilot for Power Pages simplifies website creation by allowing users to generate webpages, forms, and chatbots using a user-friendly, conversational interface.
・Create business websites faster and more easily using AI-generated content.
・Incorporate forms, text, chatbots, and more with a user-friendly interface.
・Shift from click-based navigation to engaging conversations for site visitors.

Power Automate: Tool to link data to automate workflows

What is Power Automate?
Power Automate allows you to automate workflow, synch files, acquire notifications, and collect data among existing applications and various services. For example, application work can be cumbersome when it is done manually. By using Power Automate, those application methods can be managed together to increase work productivity.

Power Automate + Copilot
Copilot for Power Automate allows users to create automation by describing the needs through natural language expressions. It assists with flow creation, setup, and adjustments, providing an open-ended, conversational experience throughout the flow-building process.
・Create automation by describing the needs through natural language expressions in a chat-like experience.
・Set up connections and parameters automatically, getting users to a working automation quickly.
・Ask Copilot questions, make changes, and get help throughout the flow-building journey.

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