SYSCOM Tokyo started to sell EDI and WMS packages for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Japanese distributor

Mobile WMS

January 2022

SYSCOM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Tokyo has started selling Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrated solutions for the Japanese market by signing a partnership agreement with Tasklet Factory in February 2021 and with To-Increase in January 2021.

Since its founding in 1990, SYSCOM has been providing its customers with various IT and digital solutions by leveraging its strengths as a global company headquartered in New York. “The partnership agreements are the first step in delivering to our customers in Japan and Asia, high-quality solutions that organically integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365, but previously were only available in English in Europe and the United States”, said Mr. Yasuyuki Tsukase, Tokyo Branch Manager at SYSCOM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS.

Headquartered in Denmark, Tasklet Factory develops and sells the mobile barcode scanning solution “Mobile WMS” for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Mobile WMS solution is a warehouse management system that integrates with the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation, Supply Chain Management. In addition to offline functionality and more than 20 features, the user-friendly graphical UI makes it possible to configure to fit the needs of individual users. Currently, it is sold and implemented in more than 35 countries through Microsoft Dynamics 365’s global network.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, To-Increase provides business software solutions to more than 2,200 companies in 45 countries. The company’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 dedicated EDI package (EDI Studio and Connectivity Studio) is a configurable messaging and integration platform for managing the digital exchange of business documents between companies.

For more information on the Mobile WMS solution or the EDI package, please reach out to one of the below contacts.

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